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Henry Mountain Blend

Perennial Blend Designed For Mule Deer

One Seeding Lasts 3-5 Years

Fast and Easy to Establish

No Irrigation Needed

Extreme Heat & Cold Resistance

High Protein to Enhance Antler Growth

More Palatable & Digestible

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Optimizes Nutrition

Time-tested & Proven Effective

Thrives in Dry & Irrigated Food Plots

Bulk Prices Available

Steel Barrel Protein Feeders

Strong, Effective & Low Maintenance

300 LB Capacity

Light Weight

No Batteries

Easily Transported

Removable Legs

No Waste

Bulk Prices Available

Food Plot Management

Personalized Evaluations & Structured Plans

Watering Hole Design & Construction

Seeding & Planting

Protein Feed

Feeding Programs

Ongoing Development & Maintenance

Attract & Maintain Trophy Mule Deer

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