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About Us

How It Began

In 1997, Heath hunted on a high fence white tail Deer facility in Alabama. This facility strategically produced trophy deer by optimizing a sustainable environment that influenced their antler growth. Heath was amazed by not only the size of the antlers, but the manner in which the bucks were harvested. It was hard to believe that these bucks were producing substantial antler growth at minimal age progression. This concept led Heath to apply similar strategies to Mule Deer living on their own in the wild.

The Hobby Became An Obession

Heath began using the knowledge he gained from Alabama, and implemented it in the Mule Deer habitats present on his property in Southern Utah. After a few short years, Heath witnessed how the Mule Deer were being affected by his products. Just like in Alabama, their antler growth had increased substantially. Since then, Heath has maintained a sustainable Mule Deer environment on his property by creating food plots, watering holes, and custom built feeders for the animals.

Sartini Ranch Today

The Ranch continues to use their knowledge to attract and grow Trophy Mule Deer in Southern Utah. They are open to sharing their experiences in property management to help guide any individuals looking to harvest Trophy Mule Deer. Sartini Ranch also offers the opportunity to hunt and see their mule deer creations in action.

Kaden's 2018 Muley
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